Yogi govt resumes demolition of illegal colonies to revive Kukrail river

Land mafia had built the illegal colony on Kukrail river during SP rule, throwing environmental regulations to the winds


Lucknow, June 10: The Yogi government continues its crackdown on the illegal colony of Akbarnagar, developed by the land mafia between the Kukrail River and the dam during the tenure of the Samajwadi Party government.

The illegal colony, disregards environmental protection standards. Between 2012 and 2017, the land mafia, allegedly protected by the SP administration, constructed multi-story buildings and large showrooms in this area in collusion with the government.

Additionally, illegal colonies were established using forged documents, even though residential and commercial construction was prohibited in this region.

In response, the Yogi government has undertaken significant actions, following Supreme Court orders, to revive the dying river. The court has endorsed the Yogi government’s actions against illegal constructions.

Consequently, the government has intensified the demolition of illegal structures and initiated steps to develop the area in compliance with the environmental protection standards in order to revive the Kukrail River.

As part of its zero-tolerance policy, the Yogi government has been relentlessly targeting the mafia and addressing encroachments, earning statewide and global acclaim. On Monday, the government initiated a new phase of demolishing illegal constructions in Akbarnagar I and II, located between the Kukrail River and the dam.

During its tenure, the SP government permitted its allied land mafias to construct multi-storey buildings, houses, and showrooms on the Kukrail River, disregarding environmental concerns. These structures are now occupied by millionaires, posing a serious threat to the river’s existence.

Meanwhile, the Yogi government has successfully exposed the deceit of the land mafias and wealthy occupants. The affluent occupants had falsely claimed to be slum dwellers, but the LDA presented a list of 73 millionaires with significant annual turnovers, leaving no room for doubt about their true status.

In a significant development, the court has recognized the legitimacy of the government’s actions and ruled that the illegal settlements in Akbarnagar must be removed. This ruling is a testament to the Yogi government’s commitment to enforcing environmental protection regulattions and restore the Kukrail River, instilling hope in the effectiveness of the justice system.

In December 2023, the Yogi government initiated the removal of illegal constructions in Akbarnagar, located between the Kukrail River and the dam. Despite significant encroacher protests instigated by the land mafia, the government remained resolute, and the operation continued.

It is worth mentioning here, in November 2023, the Yogi government ordered the demolition of 1,068 illegal residential and 101 commercial structures in Akbarnagar I and II. During the SP government’s tenure, the land mafia reportedly exploited the innocent and poor, deceiving them and profiting from illegal colony developments.

In contrast, the Yogi government has consistently supported the state’s poor and needy. Before the demolitions in Akbarnagar, officials communicated with each affected family. As part of the rehabilitation efforts, approximately two thousand people were allocated homes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

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