Yogi government initiates on-the-spot approval for higher load connections to curb electricity theft in UP

Yogi government's stern action against electricity theft in UP

Lucknow, August 30: The Yogi government is taking comprehensive steps in Uttar Pradesh to ensure both smooth electricity supply and the prevention of electricity theft.
In this sequence, the government has given instructions that those people who are consuming more electricity by taking low-load electricity connections should be given approval for on-the-spot high-load connections by going to their homes.

Furthermore, the government has intentions not just to enforce rules against those who steal electricity without a proper connection, but also to offer them an immediate electricity connection on the spot. The government will soon take steps on this by issuing SOP.

It is noteworthy that the Yogi government has taken several measures to stop electricity theft in the state. One of these measures is the introduction of the ‘Bijli Mitra’ portal, which allows people to complain about electricity theft without revealing their identity. Since the launch of the portal, numerous complaints have been received, and in response, UPPCL has taken serious action.

Enforcement teams will have forms to increase the load

While reviewing the enforcement team of the Power Corporation, UPPCL Chairman Ashish Goyal said that Continuous efforts are being made to curb power theft and improve the power system. Enforcement teams should have forms for approving electricity connections and increasing loads so that on-the-spot connections can be given.

“Arrangements have been made to increase the on-the-spot load of electricity users who are using high loads by taking low-load connections. Enforcement teams will address the issue following the guidelines”, he said.

He further added that when it comes to providing immediate connections to those who are engaged in electricity theft, it has been decided that along with recovery from the defaulters, arrangements for giving them connections are being considered. After taking a decision, a detailed SOP will be issued shortly, through which the enforcement teams will be able to take action easily.

He also made it clear that it should be ensured that no person with a disconnected connection can use electricity without getting a valid connection approved.

Action taken through the Bijli Mitra Portal

Regarding the Bijli Mitra portal, which was launched to address power theft complaints, he said that complaints are being received consistently and appropriate measures are being implemented in response. The enforcement teams have addressed a significant number of these complaints, and in numerous instances, legal actions such as filing FIRs against those involved in power theft have been initiated.

He advocated making the Bijli Mitra portal more professional and directed it to link with the RMS portal. With this, complete information about consumers who steal electricity will be available.

He further discussed the creation of a transparent portal for evaluating instances of electricity theft. This portal would handle the assessment of theft cases, including any necessary modifications. It will bring transparency to the work of assessment and avoid irregularities.

To increase the usage of the Bijli Mitra portal, Chairman Ashish Goyal proposed developing a policy that ensures both confidentiality and possible rewards for individuals who file complaints.


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