Precautionary measures in place for floods: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

CM Yogi visits flood affected districts of Farrukhabad, Kasganj and Shahjahanpur

Farrukhabad, Kasganj, Shahjahanpur, August 28: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the flood-affected districts of Farrukhabad, Kasganj, and Shahjahanpur on Monday. During his visit, he conducted both aerial and on-ground surveys of the affected regions. Additionally, he reviewed the ongoing relief and rescue operations. Notably, CM Yogi interacted with flood victims, providing them with essential relief supplies.

CM Yogi further emphasized that the double-engine government is standing with the public during times of crisis. Given this, the government was on alert well in advance regarding floods and had already proactively initiated flood-related preparedness measures. “We have also instructed the public representatives to visit those areas with full sensitivity where there is a possibility of a flood. At present 721 villages of 21 districts of the state are affected by floods. On one side there is flood and on the other, there is drought. This strange situation is being seen in the entire state”, CM Yogi remarked.

CM Yogi said that the state has witnessed diverse patterns of rainfall distribution, with 12 districts experiencing above-average rainfall, 26 districts receiving normal rainfall, 22 districts encountering below-average precipitation, and 15 districts facing almost drought-like conditions. To address the challenges posed by the current conditions, CM Yogi shared that the government has established 1101 flood shelters and 1504 flood posts across the state. At the same time, more than two thousand medical teams are being formed and treatment is being provided to the people. Relief efforts are also underway through the deployment of 2040 boats.

CM Yogi highlighted that in view of the floods, the government is also taking care of the animals. For this, 840 cattle feed camps have been set up whereas vaccinations have been administered to over 28 lakh animals. Additionally, the government is taking forward the process of providing timely compensation by surveying farmers whose crops have been destroyed due to floods.

Compensation will be given to disaster victims on time: CM says in Farrukhabad

CM Yogi addressed a flood relief material distribution event near Jamapur Road in Amritpur Tehsil, Farrukhabad. During this event, he stated that those who had suffered losses due to the calamity would receive timely compensation. He informed that 116 villages in Farrukhabad have been affected by the floods in the Ganga and Ramganga rivers, affecting a population of around 80,000. CM Yogi stated that among the damages, 22 houses in Farrukhabad have been destroyed. As part of the Mukhyamantri Awas Yojana, these affected households will receive one new house each. Additionally, six partially damaged houses will receive compensation, along with 70 damaged huts. He emphasized that directives have already been issued to facilitate the transfer of displaced families to government-operated flood shelters.

CM Yogi Assures Support to Flood Victims in Kasganj

CM Yogi visited Kasganj district to assess the situation of flood victims. During his visit, he conducted an on-site inspection and provided necessary guidelines to officials for expediting relief efforts. Addressing a relief material distribution program in Varauna village of Patiali tehsil, CM Yogi affirmed that the government stands by the community during times of crisis and will extend all feasible assistance to flood-affected individuals. He also mentioned that once the water recedes, the government will work towards finding a permanent solution to the flood issue in Kasganj. To achieve this, the Irrigation Department has been instructed to undertake river channelization through dredging.

CM Yogi says ‘Our government will find a permanent solution to floods’

CM Yogi visited Shahjahanpur to assess the condition of flood affected people. During this, he conducted an aerial survey of the flood-affected villages of Jalalabad and Kaland tehsils. CM Yogi said that the government stands with people at the time of crises and is committed to assist them in every possible way. “The problem of flood arises in Shahjahanpur due to river Ganga, Ramganga and Kali. Our government will find a permanent solution to this. Instructions have been given to the Irrigation Department for this”, he asserted.

CM Yogi also outlined the distribution of relief materials, advocating for twice-daily distribution in areas affected for over 15 days, and thrice-daily distribution in areas affected for more than a month. Additionally, he affirmed the expeditious reconstruction of the damaged bridge in line with the damaged parallel bridge.

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