If Ram Janmabhoomi can be reclaimed after 500 years, ‘Sindhu’ too can be brought back: CM Yogi

Chief Minister addresses two-day National Sindhi Convention 

Lucknow, October 8: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that if Shri Ram Janmabhoomi can be taken back after 500 years, Sindhu (Indus) can also be brought back. A grand temple of Lord Ram is being constructed in Ayodhya and Ramlala will be seated again in his temple in January, next year, he added.

Addressing the two-day National Sindhi Convention organized by Sindhi Council of India at Hotel Holiday Inn, Yogi said that the Sindhi society needs to tell its present generation about its history., pointing out that the Sindhi community suffered the most after partition. He added that the the stubbornness of just one person led to the partition of the country.

He remarked: “When the partition of the country took place, lakhs of people were massacred. A large area of India became Pakistan. The Sindhi community suffered the most as they had to leave their motherland. Even today, we have to bear the brunt of the tragedy of partition in the form of terrorism.”

CM Yogi said that no civilised society can ever recognise terrorism, extremism or any kind of anarchy. “If we have to move forward on the path of welfare of humanity, then the evil tendencies of the society will have to end. Our religious scriptures also give us the same inspiration. Be it respected Jhulelal ji or Lord Shri Krishna, everyone has talked about protecting the good and eliminating the evil for human welfare”, he asserted.

CM Yogi remarked further: “When there is country, there is religion too and when there is religion, there is society in which we all exist. Our priority should be accordingly.” He said that it is the good fortune of the country that today under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, terrorism is breathing its last in India.

Yogi appealed to people to take the pledge of “nation first” to prevent the repeat of a tragedy like partition of 1947.” We should be prepared to give a befitting reply to anyone who plays with the unity and integrity of the nation”, he said.

“Sindhi community is an integral part of Sanatan Dharma of India. The Sindhi community has progressed with its efforts even in tough circumstances. Sindhi community has set an example of how to reach the top from zero”, Yogi stated.

CM honours distinguished community members

Meanwhile, CM Yogi honoured Padma Bhushan Pankaj Advani with ‘Sher-e-Sindh’ award. Pankaj has been world billiards and snooker champion 25 times during the event. Apart from this, he honoured Indore MP Shankar Lalwani, Lakhani Group Chairman SN Lakhani, well-known name of social work in the country Shriram Chhablani, Tech Mahindra India head Rajesh Chandra Ramani and VIP co-founder Sonakshi Lakhani.


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