Yogi govt seeks skill development through ITI and polytechnic institutes

UP govt focusing on proper operation of newly built ITI and polytechnic institutes in state


Lucknow, December 19: In his ongoing pursuit to develop Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is focusing on training of skills to the youth of the state through ITIs and polytechnic institutes. The Yogi government is also working continuously on equipping the institutes with necessary facilities and developing the process of training system.

In line with CM Yogi’s vision, the Department of Vocational Education, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, and the Department of Technical Education (UPVESD&TE) have started the process of agency selection to implement the training and skill development system for the operation and training of new ITIs and polytechnic institutions in various districts of Uttar Pradesh.

In this regard, proposals are invited through the Request for Proposal (RFP) medium from agencies by UPVESD&TE to identify agencies, which will carry out the exercise based on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

The agency selected by UPVESD&TE will be responsible for enhancing the facilities in the institutional infrastructure of various newly established ITIs and polytechnics in the state. This includes developing technology to meet the training needs, modern technological upgrading of the institutions’ working systems, and the proper execution of responsibilities such as appropriate management.

The agency will also have to carry out the operation, maintenance and management of the institute as per the provisions of applicable laws under the agreement entered into by UPVESD&TE. In addition, the agency will also get some provisioned economic benefits and concessions within the stipulated time for discharging these functions.

Facilities will be available for construction and operation

Under the project, the agency will be provided with all necessary facilities to complete the designated projects in the current construction work of ITIs and polytechnics. It will ensure that if any specific tool, material, or process is covered/protected by intellectual property laws, all necessary rights and licenses are applied for the use of such tools, materials, or processes following applicable laws.

The agency may also be involved in the selection and appointment of faculty members and other staff, and their monitoring may be conducted periodically. In addition, special attention will be paid to ensuring that individuals appointed as faculty members and administrative staff are legally qualified and have sufficient experience in modern training.

Completing these processes will result in technological advancement with the installation of modern equipment in ITIs and polytechnics. Meanwhile, the recruitment of skilled staff will ensure that trainees in these institutions receive appropriate training.


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