Lord Shri Ram’s name will resonate all over the world through International Trade Show

Cultural programmes themed after Lord Ram to be one of the highlights of the trade show to be held at India Expo Center and Mart in Greater Noida from September 21-September 25

Lucknow, September 6: Cultural programmes themed after Lord Shri Ram and the The Ramayana will be one of the highlights of the International Trade Show to be held at at the India Expo Center and Mart in Greater Noida from September 21st to 25th September.

The Yogi government is working on a detailed action plan to showcase the glorious story of Lord Shri Ram evocatively to the entire world through folk singing, Ram song and Kathak dance drama based on The Ramayana to create a bond between believers in Lord Ram from different parts of the world.

Shri Ram is the center of faith in many Southeast Asian countries

It is worth mentioning here that Lord Ram is the centre of faith in many Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as in South Korea. In view of this, the government is preparing an action plan to introduce the global audience to the legacy of Lord Ram and his world.

According to the action plan, it is believed that the special guests participating in the program will be welcomed by the artistes of the cultural groups through rendition of folk songs related to Lord Shri Ram and artefacts prepared by the craftsmen reflecting on the life and journey of Lord Ram.

Besides, it will feature presentation of a cultural table in the inaugural session of the program by artistes from Braj, Purvanchal, Awadh, Paschimanchal, Rohilkhand and Bundelkhand. Of these, 12 artists will bring guests on stage and also welcome them. Folk songs related to Lord Shri Ram will be presented mostly by artistes from Awadh and Bundelkhand. Apart from this, folk singing, Ram Gaan and Kathak dance drama based on Ramayana will also be staged during the cultural evening.

Cultural evening will be decorated with musical notes
A total of 6 cultural programs will be organized over 5 days during the trade show. In this sequence, in addition to the cultural tableau, duets and Sufi singing will be presented during the Swar Sangam session whereas, the session with Rang Lok of Uttar Pradesh will include rhythm rasarang, smooth music, presentation of Anurad musical band, folk singing, Shri Radha-Madhav dance, Ram song, Kathak dance drama and singing performance based on Ramayana.

Along with spirituality, the axiom of personal development will also be discussed

Isha Foundation founder and spiritual guru Sadhguru will also participate in one of the sessions of the international trade show. It is believed that by participating in this program, they can not only discuss some esoteric topics related to spirituality through interactive sessions but can also discuss practical knowledge and aphorisms related to qualities necessary for personal development.

President of India Draupadi Murmu will attend the programme as the chief guest. Many other Union Ministers will also various sessions of the trade show.

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