Govt makes world-class health facilities available to people close to their homes at Ayushman Arogya Mandir

With NQAS certification of UP's health units, high-quality treatment is being provided to patients

Lucknow, July 1: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been consistently working to enhance healthcare services in Uttar Pradesh, resulting in significant achievements that are clearly visible throughout the state.

The UP government’s efforts have resulted in 256 health units in the state being awarded the National Quality Assurance Standard (NQAS) certificate for providing high-quality treatment and exceeding health standards.

Additionally, the Yogi government has set goals to bring all health units in the state under NQAS certification by 2026, with an interim target of certifying 50 percent of the health units by December 2025.

The Yogi government has also launched the Ayushman Arogya Mandir initiative, which seeks to offer world-class healthcare facilities to people in their neighbourhood. This allows residents to spend their hard-earned money on their families’ well-being rather than on treatments at private hospitals or clinics run by untrained doctors.

NHM General Manager Dr. Nishant Kumar Jaiswal stated, “The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare awards the NQAS certificate to health units that meet every patient treatment and care standard. Every effort is being made to bring more health units under the NQAS certification within the next three months.”

He added, “Certified by the ‘International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)’, NQAS-certified health units meet international standards. This is evidenced by 256 NQAS-certified health units providing quality health services to people close to their homes, thereby increasing public trust in the healthcare system.”

The quality of clinical services in Primary Health Centers (PHCs) is assessed based on key clinical services outlined by the National Quality Assurance Standards (NQAS).

This includes standards for consultation, admission, assessment, continuity of care, nursing care, drug safety, adherence to standard treatment guidelines, emergency services, laboratory services, medical records, and discharge processes. These standards pertain to clinical processes related to prenatal and postnatal care, newborn care, child health, adolescent health, family planning, and diagnostic services.

Infection control measures are evaluated using hand washing facilities, personal protection, equipment processing, environmental control, and biomedical waste management. NQAS’s quality management standards encompass four main areas: quality teams, internal and external quality assurance, patient satisfaction surveys, and standard operating procedures.

Dr Rajesh, Chief Medical Officer of Parsandi Ayushman Arogya Mandir in the Kaiserganj block of Bahraich, stated, “Since receiving the NQAS certification, the centre has outperformed even major private hospitals. This is the first health sub-centre in the district to meet all the standards. In August 2023, the centre was awarded the NQAS certification by the Government of India and recognized as a partner in change. Additionally, the health workers at this centre were honoured at the state level.”

Saqir Ali, a resident of Parsandi village, mentioned, “Previously, villagers had to travel to the district headquarters, CHC, or private hospitals for deliveries and other health services. Now, with improved health facilities available in Parsandi, not only do the poor and wealthy villagers benefit, but people from other blocks also come here. To maintain the centre’s quality, everyone ensures it remains clean and well-maintained.”

Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary, Chief Medical Officer, shared details about Khargarampur, the first NQAS-certified ‘Ayushman Arogya Mandir’ in Varanasi. He said, “Four years ago, the centre (a mother and child centre) provided regular immunizations, antenatal check-ups (ANC), and family planning counselling services by ANMs. Thanks to the efforts of the Health department, since 2022, the centre has been continuously offering OPD, delivery services, maternal and child health services, adolescent health services, communicable and non-communicable disease services, regular immunizations, family planning services and counselling, along with 14 types of pathology tests and telemedicine facilities. Community Health Officer (CHO) Seema Devi, ANMs, and ASHA workers have played a significant role in providing these services close to home.”

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