All those responsible for Hathras incident will face the music, says CM Yogi

CM announces judicial inquiry into the incident under the chairmanship of a retired judge



Hathras, July 3: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized, on Wednesday, that those responsible for the Hathras accident will be brought to book, emphasizing that no one will be spared.

Addressing newsmen after inspecting the site and meeting with the injured during his visit to Hathras, CM Yogi announced a judicial inquiry led by a retired High Court judge into the incident to ensure justice.

He noted that the internal arrangements for the event were managed by the sevadars (volunteers), while the administration provided police arrangements outside. However, the sevadars fled immediately after the accident, failing to arrange hospital transport for the injured, Yogi pointed out.

To investigate the incident further, an SIT has been formed under the chairmanship of ADG Agra, and a preliminary report has already been submitted, he informed.

CM Yogi emphasized the necessity of probing various aspects of the incident. Responding to questions about the absence of an FIR against Bhole Baba, he explained that the initial FIR is against those who sought permission for the event, and the investigation will expand to hold all responsible parties accountable.

CM Yogi stated, “A tragic and painful incident occurred in a village in Sikandrarao tehsil of Hathras district on Tuesday. The government promptly initiated measures to investigate the incident thoroughly. The accident claimed the lives of 121 devotees from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. ”

He added, “In Uttar Pradesh, victims hailed from 16 districts, including Hathras, Badaun, Kasganj, Aligarh, Etah, Lalitpur, Agra, Firozabad, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Mathura, Auraiya, Bulandshahr, Pilibhit, Sambhal, and Lakhimpur Kheri. Six were from other states: one from Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), four from Haryana, and one from Rajasthan. As many as 31 injured individuals are receiving treatment in hospitals in Hathras, Aligarh, Etah, and Agra, and all are reportedly out of danger.”

CM Yogi explained, “During conversations, the seriously injured individuals recounted that the accident occurred when the storyteller’s convoy arrived on GT Road after the program. A group of women approached him to touch his feet, followed by a crowd, which led to a stampede. The sevadars (volunteers) also pushed the people, resulting in the accident on both sides of GT Road.”

He added, “The most tragic aspect was that the sevadars, who usually prevent the administration from entering such programs, tried to suppress the incident immediately after it happened. However, when the administration began transporting the injured to the hospital, most sevadars fled the scene.”

CM Yogi stated further, “Our initial action has been to conduct relief and rescue operations, followed by summoning the organizers for questioning. They will be interrogated regarding the causes of the incident, and accountability for any negligence will be determined. We cannot dismiss this incident simply as an accident. If it is indeed an accident, we must identify those responsible. If it is not an accident, we need to uncover any conspiracies involved.”

He continued, “Considering all these factors, the state government has initiated a judicial inquiry. This inquiry will be led by a retired High Court judge, with retired senior officials from the administration and police participating. Those found guilty will face consequences as we delve into the incident.”

CM Yogi announced that the notification for the judicial inquiry will be issued today. Furthermore, this inquiry will devise recommendations and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prevent similar incidents in the future. These measures will be implemented in all future events of this nature.

CM Yogi reiterated his commitment to justice as he visited Hathras and Sikandrarao today. Despite the heavy downpour, he meticulously inspected the initial arrangements and investigated the causes of the incident. Since the occurrence, three ministers, the Chief Secretary, and the DGP have been stationed there, along with senior police and administrative officials. Their diligent work is a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring accountability for the incident, Yogi remarked.

Special teams have been formed for this purpose, and they will initiate actions across various districts based on preliminary investigations. Following these initial steps, further actions will be planned accordingly, he informed.

CM Yogi addressed the political reactions from opposition leaders regarding the accident, noting that some individuals tended to politicize even tragic incidents. He likened such behavior to opportunism and insensitivity, suggesting everyone knows whose photos are taken with the storyteller and their political affiliations. He pointed out historical incidents of stampedes during rallies and questioned their origins.

CM Yogi emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into these matters, ensuring accountability for those who endanger innocent lives. He announced plans to support the education of minor children affected by the accident under the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Bal Seva Yojana, regardless of their current school or institution.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the Central and State governments are providing Rs 4 lakh in financial assistance to the families of the deceased and Rs 1 lakh to the injured.

CM Yogi commented that prima facie, the administration has perceived the incident as having occurred in a religious gathering, fixing accountability on sevadars, who organized it. He pointed out that during large events, forces are deployed by the administration, but they are stationed outside the event venue whereas sevadars are posted inside to manage the logistics and attendees usually maintain discipline due to their religious and spiritual devotion.

However, when self-serving elements manipulate such programs, discipline can break down, impacting innocent devotees who participate unaware of any conspiracy, Yogi pointed out. Those who plot often attempt to escape accountability quietly afterwards, he added.

“Ideally, in the event of an accident, the sevadars should have strengthened their internal systems. If unable, they should have collaborated with the administration to ensure prompt medical assistance for the injured”, CM pointed out.


CM Yogi holds review meeting at Hathras Police Headquarters

Before the press conference, CM Yogi conducted a comprehensive review meeting regarding the incident at the Hathras Police Headquarters. Local officials gave him crucial information and detailed insights into the incident’s circumstances. He received a comprehensive briefing about the entire area and witnessed the police present an outline of the incident. CM Yogi then directed appropriate actions to be taken.

State government ministers Lakshmi Narayan Chaudhary, Asim Arun, and Sandeep Singh, BJP state president Bhupendra Chaudhary, Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh, DGP Prashant Kumar, and other officials and local MLAs were present at the meeting.

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