Number of devotees visiting Kashi continues to rise rapidly

Number of pilgrims visiting Kashi in first half of 2024 goes up by 45.76% and revenue by 24.66 percent compared to the same period of 2023

Varanasi, July 4: The inauguration of Kashi Vishwanath Dham, along with Kashi’s enhanced infrastructure and connectivity, has significantly boosted devotees’ and tourists’ visit to the city as well as the revenue of Kashi Vishwanath Dham in the recent years. Kashi witnessed 45.76% increase in number of devotees and tourists visiting the city and 24.66 percent in revenue compared to the first half of 2023, latest statistics revealed. .

Notably, the Yogi government has implemented an array of schemes in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency.

Vishwa Bhushan Mishra, Chief Executive Officer of the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust, reported that from January to June 2023, 22,979,137 devotees visited Baba Vishwanath. while during the corresponding period last yea, 33,494,933 devotees visited, marking an increase of 10,515,796 compared to the previous year.

Additionally, offerings at the Dham amounted to Rs 38,29,77,214 in the first half of 2023, while in the first half of 2024, the income rose to Rs 47,74,13,890, an increase of Rs 9,44,36,676.

Total income and number of visitors for the first six months of the year 2023

Month —- Total income — Number of visitors


February– 5,13,06121.00– 40,04807

March– -9,78,25698.00– 37,11,060

April—- 6,96,24352.00– 4231858


June — 5,65,46072,00—-36,46,346

Total income and number of visitors from January to June 2024 Number

January —5,29,13036.00—-46,50,272






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