Yogi govt enhances skills and efficiency of clay artisans with technology

Mati Kala Board to distribute electric wheels and pug mills to enhance artisan efficiency

Gorakhpur, June 12: The Yogi government is continuously supporting traditional clay artisans by integrating their craft with modern technology to promote environmental conservation and entrepreneurship. Many clay artisans have been provided with new technology to enhance their skills and efficiency. The government plans to extend this technological support to remaining artisans as well, providing them with electric pottery wheels and pug mills.

The Mati Kala Board has set a target to distribute electric wheels to 35 craftsmen and 9 pug mills through groups in Gorakhpur. Over the past seven years, clay products have witnessed a surge in demand, particularly clay kulhars (cups) and other utensils used in eateries. This trend not only contributes to environmental conservation but also propels traditional clay craft into a lucrative business. The government envisions further expansion of this industry through continued technological advancements.

Since becoming Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath not only took the initiative to connect the artisans involved in the traditional work of making clay products with technology but also provided a big market for terracotta, a special clay craft in Gorakhpur, by including it in One District One Product (ODOP). Large-scale distribution of electric wheels and pug mills has already benefited terracotta artisans. The campaign to distribute these tools to other clay artisans by the Matikala Board is ongoing.

AK Pal, District Village Industries Officer of Gorakhpur, stated that the Mati Kala Board aims to provide electric wheels and pug mills to artisans still using manual wheels. This time 35 electric wheels and 9 pugmills will be distributed in Gorakhpur by forming groups. Artisans aged 18 to 55 can apply online on the Mati Kala Board’s website by June 25. Hard copies of all documents must be submitted to the District Village Industries Office on the second floor of Vikas Bhavan by June 25. For more details, artisans can contact the District Village Industries Office.

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