UP govt set to install over 2,500 solar mast lighting systems across districts

Comprehensive action plan implemented in UP in line with CM Yogi's vision to promote solar energy

Lucknow, July 1: In a bid to promote solar and clean energy and raise public awareness about it, the Uttar Pradesh government has initiated the installation of solar-powered mast lighting systems across various districts.

Following the vision of CM Yogi, a detailed action plan was developed to boost solar energy in the state. The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) has begun the process of selecting an agency through an e-tender to carry out installation of 2,500 solar mast lighting systems in different districts.

Upon selection, the chosen agency will be tasked with supplying, installing, testing, and commissioning these lights at a cost of Rs 29.78 crore within a four-month timeframe. Additionally, UPNEDA is actively developing an IVR and dashboard monitoring system to support the land bank management portal and other initiatives.

Solar mast lighting system will have 5 years warranty

According to the plan, Solar PV White LED high-mast Light Systems will be installed at selected sites across various districts of the state. These solar-powered mast lights offer unique features. They will utilize a lithium ferro phosphate battery system operating at 12.8 volts, and despite emitting white light, they will not produce ultraviolet rays.

They produce light at a rate of 135 lumens per watt, ensuring effective illumination outdoors and reliable operation in temperatures ranging from zero to 60 degrees Celsius. The agency responsible for installation will ensure both the quality of these lights and their operation and maintenance throughout the 5-year warranty period.

Work is being done on the development of Land Bank Management Application

In addition, UPNEDA has begun work on the Land Bank Management Application. In this sequence, responsibility has been delegated to UP Electronics Corporation Limited, which will complete the work through its software development agency.

After the completion of the work, UPNEDA will be able to complete all the tasks, like outline application management, regular compliance, documents and contracts assessment, and tenant and financial management, through the land bank portal on the website.

It will also serve as an effective platform for engaging with stakeholders. This application will be based on a 3 tier-based system.

UPNEDA will be equipped with a generative AI-based IVR and dashboard monitoring system

UPNEDA has not only initiated the development of a Land Bank Management Application, but is also advancing a generative AI-based IVR and dashboard monitoring system simultaneously to oversee activities under the PM Surya Ghar Yojana and PM Kusum Yojana. UPNEDA has entrusted both projects to the UP Electronics Corporation Limited.

Additionally, UPNEDA is creating a portal aimed at converting stubble into biofuel. This platform will enable farmers to sell stubble, which UPNEDA will then process into biofuel. Alongside this portal, UPNEDA is integrating a generative AI-powered IVR and dashboard monitoring system. This system will effectively track and manage beneficiaries participating in the PM Surya Ghar Yojana and PM Kusum Yojana.

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