This Govt is sympathetic towards the poor & the deprived in all communities, not the mafia: CM Yogi

Appointment letters distributed to 240 candidates for different posts in Minority and Technical Education Department at an event held at Lok Bhawan

Lucknow, : The government’s sympathies lie with the poor, destitute, deprived, Dalits and extremely backward classes and not with the mafia and criminals, as seen during previous governments, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday.

Distributing appointment letters to 240 candidates for the posts of Junior Assistant and Computer Operator in the Minority and Technical Education Department at a ceremony held at at Lok Bhavan Auditorium in Lucknow, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath described criminals and mafia as “the barriers to security, good governance and development of the society”, and said that cracking down on them as well as building a corruption-free, safe and fair society where the underprivileged have access to government’s schemes are the priorities of his government.

The Chief Minister also conveyed his best wishes to the 240 candidates who have been selected through ‘Manav Sampada Portal’ under ‘Mission Rozgar’ and emphasized his commitment to providing employment opportunities to the of Uttar Pradesh through a transparent and impartial process of ‘Mission Rozgar’.

“In the past six years, UP has achieved new heights in line with the vision of PM Modi. Notably, the appointment of judges was completed in just six months. Candidates hailing from 60 different districts have been selected, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to individuals across the entire state. The government is maintaining absolute transparency in the entire process of recruitment. No minister, secretary knows where a person will be posted after selection”, Yogi remarked.

CM Yogi said that computer assistants have also played big role in transformation of Uttar Pradesh. He added: “Perceptions of people have changed about Uttar Pradesh. Files are no longer kept pending. Today the state has achieved the goals of security and ease of living and ease of doing business. We have brought the Centre’s projects on the ground. Files are finalized within three days these days.”

He also encouraged employees to seek guidance from their superiors, avoiding backlog, as it can breed corruption. “Today, when corruption has been curbed, talented people like you have found a place. Otherwise it was a dream before 2017”, he quipped.

CM Yogi mentioned the marked reduction in bureaucratic red tape that delayed development projects in the past in Uttar Pradesh. He also talked about the enhanced security, improved quality of life, and a business-friendly environment in the state. “The government has diligently implemented various projects initiated by the central government, ensuring efficient execution”, Yogi asserted.

CM Yogi alleged that earlier, high officials used to get busy in pursuing one appointment. Such people were appointed who did not know anything about computers, if they did not know accountancy then how would the file grow.

“Earlier senior officials often got involved in appointments, as a result, individuals who lacked computer skills and had limited knowledge of accountancy were appointed, posing challenges to the proper handling and progression of files”, he said.

Regarding the functioning of the government, CM Yogi said that the government has a vision where inclusivity and collective development are paramount. He encouraged everyone to align with this vision, highlighting that individuals like those present had successfully passed the Common Eligibility Test, a remarkable feat considering that 37 lakh people appeared for the examination. This achievement deserves celebration.
“None of you can say that I have been selected on the basis of any favor. Everyone including retired army servicemen, minorities, backward and destitute have got benefits”.

CM Yogi said that earlier one used to visit 54 tables for the clearance of one file, which is cleared on single table today. “At airport, you must have seen trolleys to move the luggage. Similarly, focus on ease of doing business is necessary and technology has made this work easy. The government is providing a monthly pension of Rs 1000 to one crore elderly people, with a single click without any human intervention.

CM Yogi said that the government is distributing tablets and smartphones to 2 crore youth. There are an array of schemes such as PM Startup, PM Stand Up Yojana, Digital Yojana, Mission Shakti and PM SVANidhi Yojana to benefit different sections of people. If the workers and people are aware, they can easily avail the benefits of the schemes.

CM Yogi said that the government has also done away with middlemen, providing six lakh jobs in the state without their involvement. CM Yogi highlighted the remarkable transformation Uttar Pradesh has undergone in the last three years. While many regions experienced negative growth, the state has emerged as a hub of positive development, with every citizen contributing to this progress, he said.

He further highlighted the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful demeanour. This will carry a message that there has been a change in the state.

Miss Akanksha Rani from Moradabad said that getting selected for the Minority Department and receiving an appointment letter from CM Yogi is the biggest achievement of her life. While extending gratitude to Chief Minister, Vivek Kumar Tiwari from Prayagraj said that he is feeling very proud about the selection being done in a completely transparent and fair process.

Deepali Srivastava, appointed as a computer operator in the Technical Education Department, termed it a proud moment and as “a symbol of women and youth empowerment.” Ex-Army Serviceman Dharmendra Singh from Bareilly said, “I express my heartfelt gratitude to CM Yogi for my selection as Junior Assistant in Technical Education. I assure to discharge my duty and work honestly.”

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