New record of power demand and supply

UP’s peak power demand clocks 29,820 MW on Tuesday, the highest ever in the history of the state

Lucknow, June 12: Due to the scorching heat wave in Uttar Pradesh, the state’s peak power demand reached 29,820 MW on Tuesday night, the highest ever recorded. Electricity consumption also surged to approximately 643 million units.

Notably, on May 31, the electricity demand had reached 29,727 MW, which was met by the Power Corporation, setting a new record. On July 24, 2023, the maximum demand had reached 28,284 MW, which was a record at that time. This record was subsequently broken on May 22, 2024, when the electricity demand reached 28,336 MW.

It is noteworthy that under the leadership of CM Yogi, directives have been given to ensure a smooth electricity supply even during the intense heat. This is being ensured with commitment by the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation.

UPPCL Chairman Dr Ashish Kumar Goel has directed the officials to exercise caution in light of the ongoing severe heat and the increasing electricity demand. All personnel are to diligently and sincerely fulfil their responsibilities during this challenging time.

He stated that arrangements are being made to meet the continuously growing electricity demand. The Power Corporation has adequately arranged for electricity availability as per the forecast, and additional arrangements are being made promptly as demand increases.

The Chairman emphasized that there are no scheduled power cuts anywhere due to the system’s capacity. Reports of power supply disruptions due to local faults are being received. In this regard, strict instructions have been given to promptly fix any local faults and restore the supply in the shortest possible time.


A campaign will be run to target feeders with the highest losses to curb theft

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Chairman Dr. Ashish Goel has issued directives to launch a campaign against electricity theft to improve the power system. He instructed the Managing Directors and Chief Engineers of all distribution corporations in the state to target feeders with the highest line losses and prevent electricity theft through campaigns, with the help of vigilance if necessary. No one should be unfairly harassed.

He stated that to ensure better electricity supply and system management, it is essential to effectively curb electricity theft. Feeders with the highest likelihood of electricity theft should be identified and targeted first in the campaign.

In a review of the electricity system in the Prayagraj region, the Chairman directed the issue of charge sheets to the superintending engineers of Prayagraj (First) and Fatehpur. The progress in their areas regarding revenue, transformer damage, assisted billing, RDSS, and business plan schemes was not satisfactory. Executive engineers of Kaushambi and Khaga were also given strict warnings.


UP ranks first among the states in supplying the maximum electricity in India

Uttar Pradesh has set a national record for the highest electricity supply by successfully meeting the increased demand during the severe heat wave. Recently, Uttar Pradesh established a milestone by meeting the highest electricity demand of 29,500 MW in the country.

According to the Grid India Power Supply Report, on June 10, 2024, Uttar Pradesh once again achieved the first position in the country by supplying 28,889 MW of electricity, surpassing states like Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The report released on June 10 states that Uttar Pradesh supplied 28,889 MW, Maharashtra 24,254 MW, Gujarat 24,231 MW, Tamil Nadu 16,257 MW, and Rajasthan 16,781 MW of electricity to meet the highest demand. Additionally, the electricity department of Uttar Pradesh has set a record this year for the highest electricity supply in the country during peak hours.

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