Land acquisition process begins for construction of temporary bus stations for Mahakumbh 2025

Administration engages in land acquisition for charging points and parking of 200 electric buses at Kumbh Mela

Prayagraj, July 3: As part of the Yogi government’s ongoing extensive preparations for the grand Kumbh Mela 2025 in Prayagraj, the UP Roadways is implementing a comprehensive plan to ensure smooth transportation of devotees during the mega event.

This initiative includes deploying new buses, shuttle bus services, as well as constructing both permanent and temporary bus stations, in order to facilitate the seamless arrival and departure of pilgrims from the Kumbh City.

According to the Kumbh Mela administration, over 3.50 crore devotees are expected to arrive in Prayagraj by UP Roadways buses during this Kumbh Mela.

UP Roadways Regional Manager M.K. Trivedi states that to transport these devotees to and from Kumbh city, roadways will operate 7,550 buses. These buses will be operated from 75 district headquarters of 112 depots in 19 roadways regions of the state.

To prevent congestion within the city and ensure smooth bus operations despite the crowds, nine temporary bus stations are being constructed in the city. These temporary bus stations will be located at Nehru Park, Rajarshi Tandon Residential Complex, Saraswati Hi-Tech City, Andh Vidhyalay, Leprosy Chauraha, Saraswati Gate, Katka, Jhusi, and Durjanpur.

He further added that the land acquisition process for their construction has already begun. In addition to the temporary bus stations, land is being acquired at three locations to set up charging points for 200 electric buses for urban transport service. The three chosen locations for this purpose are Phaphamau, Trivenipuram Gate, and Nehru Park.

Bikers’ group will be deployed in the Kumbh Mela area

To facilitate the transportation of devotees and tourists arriving for the Maha Kumbh 2025, the Roadways is making arrangements both inside and outside the fair area.

UP Roadways Regional Manager M.K. Trivedi mentions that 550 shuttle buses will also operate within the Kumbh Mela area, serving the city and the fair area. These buses will be operated from 18 locations within the city. If any issues arise with these buses operating within the fair area, a bikers group will be deployed for their maintenance.

Additionally, these bikers will be present in the fair area with their smart bikes. If any shuttle bus encounters a problem, the bikers group will attend to it on-site and resolve the issue. Initially, seven biker groups will be formed within the fair area, each consisting of two roadways personnel equipped with maintenance instruments.

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