Kashi receives more than 13 crore tourists in two years

Tourist flow gains momentum to 'new' Kashi under PM Modi's guidance & CM Yogi's leadership


Varanasi: Under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and able leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Kashi has been witnessing rapid development in the recent past, and it is best explained through the significant rise in the number of tourists to the temple city.

The Tourism Department’s figures have revealed more than 5.38 crore tourists visited Kashi till December 2 in 2023 alone whereas the total number of people visiting Kashi in the last two years has gone up to more than 13 crores. The increase in tourist flow has also created multiple avenues of employment in the city while boostinf trade and business.

The number of tourists coming to Uttar Pradesh has increased rapidly. Out of 5 crore 38 lakh tourists that visited Kashi till December 2 this year, the number of Indian tourists was around 5 crore 37 lakh 87 thousand while the number of foreign tourists exceeded 13,700. In the meantime, the tourists’ flow to Kashi continues to rise.

More than 97 lakh tourists visited Kashi in August

In 2023, the highest number of 9,722,206 tourists arrived in Kashi in August, followed by 7,262,891 in July. The tourists’ flow to Kashi was 4,429,590 in January, 4,267,858 tourists in April, 4,134,807 in February, 3,781,060 tourists in March, 3,225,476 in May, 3,696,346 in June, 3,897,844 in September, 4,255,674 in October and 4,826,776 in November.

Looking at the figures of December 1-2, the count was 307,430. Meanwhile, the flow of tourists and devotees to Kashi is likely to continue until New Year.

Tourist statistics for the years 2018 to 2023

2023 (as of December 2):
– Indian Tourists: 5,37,87,004
– Foreign Tourists: 13,777
– Total Tourists: 5,38,00,781

– Indian Tourists: 60,95,890
– Foreign Tourists: 3,48,970
– Total Tourists: 64,44,860

– Indian Tourists: 64,47,775
– Foreign Tourists: 3,50,000
– Total Tourists: 67,97,995

– Indian Tourists: 8,76,303
– Foreign Tourists: 1,06,189
– Total Tourists: 9,82,492

– Indian Tourists: 30,75,913
– Foreign Tourists: 2,566
– Total Tourists: 30,78,479


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