Yogi govt gears up to eradicate filariasis from Uttar Pradesh

Medicine for filariasis prevention to be distributed in 17 districts from February 10

Lucknow, January 31: The Uttar Pradesh Government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, as part of its mission to eradicate filariasis from the state, is all set to launch the Annual Mass Drug Administration (MDA) Campaign from February 10 to 28. The campaign will be conducted in 17 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

During this campaign, proficient health workers will conduct door-to-door visits, administering filariasis prevention medication to the entire population, with the exclusion of children under two years of age, pregnant women, and those facing serious illnesses.

It’s noteworthy that the central government has set a targeted deadline of 2027 for the complete elimination of filariasis from the country.

The Chief Minister has appealed to all residents to actively partake in the consumption of filariasis prevention medicine during the MDA rounds. Symptoms of this grave disease, caused by Culex mosquito bites, typically manifest 5 to 15 years after infection, leading to conditions like hydrocele and swelling in the extremities and breasts.

The Chief Minister has also urged everyone to consider themselves susceptible to filariasis, advocating for preventive medicine intake and securing the upcoming generation from this ailment. Emphasizing the safety of the medicine, he has encouraged its consumption even in the absence of visible symptoms, citing it as a societal imperative.

Furthermore, he has underscored the irreversible nature of the disease once contracted, with management being the only recourse. The government is resolute in its commitment, providing training and kits for the Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention (MMDP) of filariasis patients. Thus, preventive medicine intake becomes imperative in averting the onset of the disease.

The Yogi government remains steadfast in its commitment to the mission of rendering the state filariasis-free. A key facet of this initiative involves the rigorous training of Community Health Officers (CHO) stationed at Ayushman Bharat Arogya Mandir (Health and Wellness Centers) to adeptly identify filariasis patients. The Ekikrit Niksha Diwas (END), observed on the 15th of every month in health units, serves as a crucial platform for the identification of patients with tuberculosis, kala-azar, and filariasis.

Meanwhile, as of June 2023, the state grapples with 51 filariasis endemic districts, identifying 90,768 lymphatic filariasis and 21,131 hydrocele patients.

The upcoming MDA rounds, scheduled from February 10 to 28, will target districts including Amethi, Azamgarh, Ballia, Banda, Barabanki, Bareilly, Hamirpur, Jaunpur, Jalaun, Lucknow, Pilibhit, Shahjahanpur, Prayagraj, Pratapgarh, Sonbhadra, Unnao, and Varanasi for filariasis elimination.

Besides, in Amethi, Azamgarh, Ballia, Banda, Bareilly, Lucknow, Pratapgarh, Prayagraj, Unnao, and Varanasi, a triple-drug combination (Ivermectin, DEC, and Albendazole) will be administered, while in Ballia, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Jaunpur, Pilibhit, Shahjahanpur, and Sonbhadra, a double drug combination (DEC and Albendazole) will be administered. Currently, 51 districts in the state are affected by filariasis, and MDA rounds will be conducted in other affected districts starting from August 10.

Follow precautions to protect from filariasis:

– Avoid Mosquito Bites: The parasites causing filariasis are transmitted to humans through the bites of infected Culex mosquitoes. Therefore, it is essential to prevent mosquito bites for protection. Use mosquito nets while sleeping and wear clothes that cover the entire body.

– Maintain cleanliness: Culex mosquitoes breed in stagnant dirty water, so it is important to ensure that you take full care of cleanliness in and around the house.


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